Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Episode 66: Return of the Bubbles.

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Yep. We're back. Take a listen and let us know what you're thinking. It's fun! We'll be back way more often after this. We promise.

Act I: Cultural appropriation in comic books.
Act II: Iron Man 3 and the Mandarin - spoilers ahead!
Act III: Thoughts on some recent comic releases

Give us another chance, guys. You know you want to. You know you've missed us. We've missed you, too! So come back for more. We love you! Facebook us. Tweet us. E-mail us. Whatever you want, we're yours. (And sorry about the strong Ps in Braeden's sections. We'll improve it for next time, promise.)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Episode 65. Oh man we're back.

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Oh man. We're back. Listen to Braeden talking about pop culture. Listen to Darin talking all about the Death of the Family (big, fat spoiler alert for the whole section). Listen to Darin's nephews, Brigham and Luc, start their own podcast segment - Between the Bubbles, Little Man edition. Listen to Matthew loving on Ultimate Spider-Man. Don't miss it.

Braeden's thoughts: 00:00 - 00:13
Darin's thoughts: 00:13 - 00:28
Little Man edition: 00:28 - 00:39
Matthew is always great: 00:39 - 00:41

We miss you guys. Like a lot. We hope you missed us, at least a little bit. But we'll be back as often as we can! Say hi on our Facebook or Twitter, or e-mail us if you feel like it, I guess, whatever. Like that.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Episode 64. The best of 2012.

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Finally, we're back together in the Grape Escape and all is well. After two well-deserved weeks off, Braeden and Darin hit the ground running and talk all about the best and worst in comics of 2012! It's a doozy of an episode (and was a beast to edit), but we really hope you enjoy it!

Here were the categories of the awards:
Best single issue - 00:03 - 00:11
Best big 2 series - 00:12 - 00:18
Best indie series - 00:19 - 00:22
Best miniseries - 00:22 - 00:29
Best writer - 00:29 - 00:35
Best artists - 00:35 - 00:46
Best new writer - 00:48 - 00:52
Best moment in comics - 00:53 - 00:57
Worst moment in comics - 00:59 - 01:03
Biggest surprise & prognostications for 2013 - 01:05 - 01:15

We hope you enjoy our awards show, and let us know what you thought about last year in comics - who wins? Who loses? What hopes do you have for the coming year? We want to hear what you have to say.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Episode 63. Festivus. For the rest of us.

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This week, the format is a little different. Simply put: Darin already left us for Christmas vacation and Braeden is left to his own devices. So he airs his grievances in fabulous Festivus fashion - complaining all about the idiots sending death threats to Dan Slott over a comic they haven't even read yet, complaining about all the people who don't buy Saga like it's going out of style every month, and not-really-complaining about how great Remender and Romita's Captain America book is.

Then, we turn the mic in Darin's direction, as he interviews his nephew Brigham all about why he loves superheroes and tells us all about the superhero he created. Finally, we wrap up with some Matthew action, reviewing Giant-Size X-Men. (And stay tuned until the very end for the easter egg of Matthew goodness!)

Grievance: death threats 00:00 - 00:05
Grievance: go buy Saga 00:05 - 00:16
Rave: Captain America still rules 00:16 - 00:21
Darin interviews his nephew Brigham 00:21 - 00:43
Matthew and Jordan talk Giant-Size X-Men 00:43 - 00:48

Have a happy and safe holiday, dear listeners - and happy reading.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Episode 62. We're normal folk.

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Back together. We missed you guys last week. Chatting this week: Death of the Family - definitive Batman story? Gail Simone and the improper treatment of comic book creators by the big 2. Avengers Assemble and lots of tangents because of it - Hawkeye, comic book cleavage, feng shui shops, how many times Darin has watched The Dark Knight Rises, et cetera. Also: Man of Steel trailer chat with Cassi. We prognosticate the heck out of that thing. Darin talks about how Henry Cavill's beard inspired his own. Ultimate X-Men is pretty great.

Sorry we couldn't do last week. Hopefully won't happen again. (Need to build up the backlog of special episodes, clearly.) Chat here, Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail. Because of the loves. The loves, I say.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Episode 61. Let's go be adults.

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Finally, Darin and Braeden got to see each other. It's been like two or three weeks, which is shameful. But we didn't have time to have a full episode, with all the normal stuff we do. We just sat down at the dinner table with Braeden's wife Cassi. And chatted. We talk Thanksgiving, comics, life, the Antelope Lending Library (donate please!), and all sorts of stuff.

How was your Thanksgiving? What did you think of this episode? It was pretty loose in its format, that's for sure. But it was also lots and lots of fun. (Except for the whiny puppy parts.) Talk to us here. Facebook. Twitter. E-mail. You know the score. We love you.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Episode 60. My Mom the Potential Hoarder.

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No, this episode is not really about our moms as potential hoarders. It's ACTUALLY about the 2005 movie Elektra. But it ends up being about our moms. And their potential as hoarders. Because that's how we roll around here. Darin and I eviscerate the horror that is Elektra, and we barely make it out alive the other side. Believe us - it's not pretty. But it is funny. Oh yeah! And don't miss out on Matthew's best review yet - X-Men #9. It's a winner all around.

What are you thinking about? Tell us. Here. Facebook. Twitter. E-mail. We want to know. We'll have a normal episode for you next week, kids. Promise.