Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Short 02: Chatting with the in-laws!

As reported last week, Braeden was out of town to attend his brother-in-law's wedding - but while he was out there, he couldn't help but take some time to interview his other-brother-in-law Garrett and the Apostle of Appreciation himself (and Braeden's father-in-law) Chester, who both talk about their adventures in comic collecting and what they might want to start picking up now. It's pretty fun - and listen to those sultry voices!

Garrett: 00:00 - 00:08
Chester: 00:08 - 00:20

Enjoy, and don't forget to admire that new unique URL we have up top! We're all grown up now. We spent actual money on this podcast besides the ridiculous amounts we spend on the comics we review every week. Let us know that someone besides Braeden's mother-in-law listens to this podcast and join the conversation on our Facebook or Twitter pages, and or contact us at with any insights, comments, or questions you might have!

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