Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Special: Avengers VS Dark Knight Rises panel, part 1

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Here it is, as a part of our big 2.0 relaunch! We've been teasing you with this for weeks, but finally we have our big panel discussion of The Avengers VS The Dark Knight Rises - well, at least, the first half of it. Hear us talk about which film has a better story, which has a better villain, and much more - and come back Friday for the second half, where we discuss best female lead, which film we'll be watching in twenty years, and much more!

Our panelists are: Braeden and Darin (of course), their friend Kelsey, Darin's twin brother Devin, and Braeden's sister Vanessa. They really dig in and have a hearty discussion. (Also, love that flub-up at the beginning - Braeden thought it would be funnier to leave it there. Because that's how he rolls.)

Intro: 00:00 - 00:08
Best story: 00:08 - 00:21
Best villain: 00:21 - 00:38
Best action: 00:38 - 00:50

Stay tuned Friday for the second half of the panel, and let us know which side of the great divide you fall on - are you an Avengers fanboy? A Dark Knight Rises acolyte? Tell us here, on Facebook or Twitter, or e-mail us at You'll be glad you did.

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