Thursday, October 18, 2012

Features: 18 Oct 2012

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Our features episodes are perhaps my favorite episodes every week, because we can kick back, relax, and chat about whatever we want. Which is awesome, incidentally. And we talk about a lot of awesome stuff this week, too!

How does Uncanny Avengers work as an introduction to new readers? 00:00 - 00:07
From the archives - Batman: The Black Mirror: 00:07 - 00:12
X-Men #4: 00:12 - 00:15

How did Uncanny Avengers work for you? Was it the right book to make the flagship of the Marvel NOW or was it too mired in continuity and the recent crossover? What do you want to see in Marvel NOW moving forward? Let us know here, the Facebook or Twitter, or e-mail us at You know you want to.

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