Monday, October 8, 2012

Reviews: Releases from 03 Oct 2012

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It's the third week of our big 2.0 relaunch, and we think it's going great. And we love to talk the nitty-gritty about the comics week bought last Wednesday - so take a listen and hear what we loved, hated, or just felt "meh" about this last week!

Avatar: 00:00 - 00:03
Dark Horse: 00:03 - 00:05
DC: 00:05 - 00:22
Image: 00:22 - 00:27
Marvel: 00:28 - 00:43
Hero/Villain moments of the week: 00:43 - 00:49

Did you read what we read? Something else? Nothing? That would be a shame, to be perfectly honest. But let us know here, at the Facebook or Twitter pages, or e-mail us at We're eager to hear from you because of reasons.

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