Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Special: Superhero Party!

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Today, dear podcast listeners, we have a special treat for you. Darin and Braeden had a joint birthday party this last weekend, which they turned into the First Annual Between the Bubbles Superhero Party! (Will it become a yearly thing? I guess we'll have to see...) Consequently, they interviewed the attendees and much fun was had by all.

All the materials we produced for the party that we mention in the podcast will show up in a blog post in a few days - so keep your eyes peeled for that blog post if you, too, want to have an amazing superhero themed party. It doesn't even have to be for kids. We promise.

So take a listen, enjoy this small episode, and have a good Wednesday at your comic store! Come say happy birthday on our Twitter or Facebook pages, or e-mail us at It'll make us feel special.

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