Monday, November 26, 2012

Episode 60. My Mom the Potential Hoarder.

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No, this episode is not really about our moms as potential hoarders. It's ACTUALLY about the 2005 movie Elektra. But it ends up being about our moms. And their potential as hoarders. Because that's how we roll around here. Darin and I eviscerate the horror that is Elektra, and we barely make it out alive the other side. Believe us - it's not pretty. But it is funny. Oh yeah! And don't miss out on Matthew's best review yet - X-Men #9. It's a winner all around.

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  1. Disclaimer: After listening to this episode it occurred to me that it might come across that I was making fun of my mom, and being blessed to have the most incredible mother ever (really, I do), I don't want that impression to stand. So just in case it did, I want to clarify that I find the fact that my mom overbuys the amount of food her and my dad need because they used to have so many kids in the house incredibly endearing and cute. It's just one of the many reasons why my mom is amazing; even though we're all out of the house she'll never stop being our mom.

    There, now I have a cleaner conscience (and can sleep easier tonight).