Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Episode 65. Oh man we're back.

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Oh man. We're back. Listen to Braeden talking about pop culture. Listen to Darin talking all about the Death of the Family (big, fat spoiler alert for the whole section). Listen to Darin's nephews, Brigham and Luc, start their own podcast segment - Between the Bubbles, Little Man edition. Listen to Matthew loving on Ultimate Spider-Man. Don't miss it.

Braeden's thoughts: 00:00 - 00:13
Darin's thoughts: 00:13 - 00:28
Little Man edition: 00:28 - 00:39
Matthew is always great: 00:39 - 00:41

We miss you guys. Like a lot. We hope you missed us, at least a little bit. But we'll be back as often as we can! Say hi on our Facebook or Twitter, or e-mail us if you feel like it, I guess, whatever. Like that.

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